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What is a Social Media Coordinator and Why Do I Need One?

Social Media Coordinators are individuals with experience in establishing and implementing Social Media strategies for companies. These strategies enable companies to increase brand awareness and marketing, thus increasing sales and company reputation. 

A lot of Social Media Coordinators work with marketing teams. However, many small businesses do not have designated teams for marketing. An experienced Social Media Coordinator will work individually with small business owners. They learn about the company’s values and combine these with the marketing knowledge they have to bring in customers for the company. Thus, creating a personal and effective brand for the company. Consumers understand what the company’s service or product is, and also what they stand for. The Coordinator will also continue to develop the strategy over time. The Social Media Coordinator continues to analyze the success of the posts and tunes into customer feedback.

Some bullet points of what to jobs to expect from your Social Media Coordinator:

  • Create and implement Social Media strategies.
  • Maintain all Social Media accounts.
  • Measure success of Social Media strategies and develop over time.
  • Create appealing content.
  • Use Posting and Analyzing tools like Later or Hootsuite.
  • Obtain feedback from consumers to create posts that feel more personal.
  • Consistent communication with you (the owner) to recognize your values and that your socials reflect those.
  • Keep up with current social media trends and techniques
  • Network with similar companies
  • Train others on the team if needed